They Call Us Children, and They Treat Us Like Mice

Attention followers, I have a question for you!

Tomorrow I will be attending Dapper Day at Disneyland. My outfit isn’t anything too fancy, but I am still deciding on one crucial piece.

WHICH HAT? Should I go with the black with silver trim? The white and black check with black trim? Or simply forego the hat altogether?

One other minor question: My vest is too large while my pants are too small, creating an odd shape. Suggestions on how/where to pin the vest?

Oh, and my bowtie will be red tomorrow. Say hi if you get the chance!

  1. deadnewsie said: I vote hat numero uno!
  2. labelleboheme said: I like the first hat - the black with silver trim! :D
  3. ihaveathingforolderhotguys said: I’m thinking the black hat. I feel like the checkered one has too much white. Nice outfit, by the way!
  4. captainbrilliant said: It looks good with out a hat.
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